Saturday, January 2, 2010

Memories of the last decade...

So, my sister just posted her top 5 of the last decade, and I thought I should do the same. So here goes...

My top 5 best moments or memories are:

1. Starting to date, then wait, then marry the love of my life, Nick!
2. Being able to go to the Temple and doing baptisms, waiting while family got married and being able to go through the Temple for myself!
3.Learning how to drive, and getting my own car.
4. Graduating from High School!
5. Going on awesome family trips, such as Florida to go to Disney World and Universal Florida, going on the most amazing senior trip for graduation, my parents took me and Matthew on a two week Church History tour, which was absolutely amazing!!! Going to Florida again, but this time to play at the beach, and this year going to Oregon to see Nick's mission, I love it there!

My top 5 hardest moments or memories are:

1. Friends, mostly in high school
2 Death of loved ones, especially my grandparents
3. Coming to a realization that every family has their problems.
4. Waiting for Nick while he was on his mission!
5. Getting laid off from jobs.

And 5 things that I look forward to during the next decade are...

1. Becoming a this is not an announcement.
2. Spending more time with Nick!
3. Hopefully going back to school, and doing ASL.
4. Visiting new places!
5. Trying new things!

What things to you remember most from the last 10 years?