Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween First American style!!!

So, I want to state the fact that I absolutely love my work! They are awesome! So, Halloween is like the biggest holiday there and it is a HUGE competition between all of the departments. Well this year my department was a cemetery, so we all got to dress up as dead people! It was awesome! Each department got to pick the best costume from their group for the top three best costumes, the catagories were; scariest, funniest, and most creative...I believe. I can't quite remember. But oh well, that's not all that important, except for the fact that I won the scariest costume! I was so excited!!! Have I mentioned that I love my job?!?! Well, in case I haven't, I totally do! We also had a potluck today, and I made a cute pumpkin cake, here are some picture of the festivities today.

Here is my cute cake, no one wanted to cut into it.


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