Wednesday, July 7, 2010

St. George adventures

The last weekend of June we had the chance to go down to St. George for a couple of days and watch my brother play basketball in a tournament. It was quite fun! I loved the heat and the sun! And the team was way fun to watch! They came in 2nd place in the tournament, they won 11 games out of 13. And they sadly lost to Copper Hills, who is one of the rival schools, but at least they beat them during the actual season. So, I guess it is okay. But while we were there, we stopped by the St. George Temple and took some pictures, and we also stopped by the Jacob Hamblin house. We also got to see a gorgeous sunset! It was absolutely beautiful, it made me so grateful for the beauty of everything around us. I think there is something so majestic about the redrocks in St. George! I can't even begin to describe the beauty of it! Here are a couple pictures of our adventures!

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