Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 12- How you found out about Blogs and why you made one

I think I found out about blogs from people I worked with and my sister, I'm not positive though.  The reason why I started one was because I was getting married and I thought it would be fun to keep people up to date on what was happening in my life.  Here is my very first post that I did:

Monday, October 13, 2008

My weekend...
So, this weekend I got a lot accomplished. Friday night, I finished packing up my room. Man, that was hard, I was having such a hard time that my mom finally came to help me finish. I was so grateful for her help. So now all that I have in my room other than my bed is the clothes for this week. It feels so empty, it's weird! On the way to take my stuff to my grandpa's I cried pretty much the whole way! And then as me and Nick were taking the stuff downstairs my grandpa sat there and was giving me a hard time for all the stuff that I have. Which I don't blame him, since my stuff takes up pretty much one whole room. What can I say, I'm spoiled! And I just like to shop!
On Saturday, I was up and over to paint at my grandpa's by 9. Wow, that was a HUGE project! But thanks to Colin and Kenz, we wouldn't have been able to get it all done. It was quite fun painting, I love it, other than I couldn't walk the rest of the night or the rest of the weekend that is. I'll put pictures up as soon as I take some. It looks way cute! I'm excited to finally move everything in and unpack everything.
And yesterday was my last Sunday in my ward. I haven't cried that hard in a long time, I have been so blessed to have grown up in the ward that I have. I have had the most amazing leaders and an amazing Bishop! And I finally got released as the ward chorister! That was a happy day for me!!!
Oh and just so you all know, I get married in 5 days!!! Yahoo!!!!

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