Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, I know that I have written a little bit about my totally awesome brother, but I wanted to write a specific post all about him and how much I look up to him, (and I don't mean that literally, since he now towers over me). Matthew truly is one of my best friends! Now, don't get me wrong, when we were younger and both living at home we didn't always get along. But once I graduated from high school and when Nick left on his mission we became really close! I'm so grateful for the wonderful example that he has given me, he is always trying to do his best and striving to do good. After all that he has been through he amazes me! Whenever I see him sad or having a bad day, I want to take away his pain!  He always knows how to make me smile!  I'm so grateful for all of the fun times that we have had together!  I'm so luck to have him as my brother!  He truly is my definition of a hero!  I love it when he comes over to my house and we get to hang out for a little while!  It is fun to watch him interact with Simba!  It's way cute!  But I really do love him!  And I hope that he will always remember that! And remember that even though life gets hard, he always has a sister that loves him!

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